Our current menu is extensive

We have nearly twenty different protein mixes offered as dry, semi-moist, frozen and as wet tins.


Complete and DIY Raw Products (some examples)

Tripe Mixes (1kg) from£3.00
Oily Fish (1kg) £3.50
Boneless Turkey Mince (1kg) £6.00
Beef Marrow Bone £2.50
Cold beverages

Dry, Semi Moist and Wet ( some examples)

Eden VAT Free Original (15kg) £57.00
Eden Duck and Tripe Semi Moist (1kg) £13.00
Eden Wet Cans - Various (200g) £2.00
Eden Dried Cat Food Original (200g) £2.30
Featured food

Natures Menu (some examples)

Country Hunter Frozen Nuggets £3.50
Chicken Wings £3.30
Beef Chews (Ideal starter bone) £3.50
Vegetable Mix (Ideal for DIY) £3.45