Clients Dogs

How They Look Speaks For Itself

Pepper - The Cocker Spaniel

Pepper is a Paleo Ridge DIY dog with a few completes thrown in.  She owns Demi Mansell.

Mabel - The Pointer

Mabel is a Paleo Ridge Completes gal!  But does like the odd duck neck.  Mabel owns Becky Bowyer.

Iggy - The Somalian Cat

Is game for raw anytime! And you can play with it as well if your mum gives you a whole fish.  Iggy also owns Demi Mansell.

Poppy - The Glen of Immal Terrier

Poppy rather likes Eden Semi-Moist Duck and Tripe.  But also has a thing for whole pig's tripe!!!  How well her Eden and Paleo Ridge food makes her look was confirmed this year when she won the top award of Best Glen of Immal Bitch at Crufts! Poppy owns Dr. Jane Alstead.