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About Us

I can't say for the first twenty years of my dog owning life that I was very selective about what I fed my dogs!  I fell for the same adverts, fancy words and pretty colours a lot of owners do!.  My current GSD's great grandmother for the first couple of years of her life even had some Bakers!!! 

When realisation finally struck that the majority of manufacturers are not really that bothered about the quality of their ingredients (I'm sorry but its true) I hit upon raw feeding.  Years before it become more popular.  But I also researched heavily into finding quality dried and wet foods. When the training side of the business grew I realised how even more important it was for my clients dogs to feed correctly. Behaviour is driven by nutrition.  So A&R was born!

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Come and visit us and make your dog look shiny and healthy like these!

(And no these pics aren't photoshopped! That's how good they look; and yours should too!)